by Rod D. Martin
April 13, 2015

Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd on Monday asked Southern Baptists to devote the evening of Tuesday, June 16th to prayer for the next Great Awakening and to reach the world for Christ.

On Tuesday night, June 16, we will give the entire evening session of the SBC Annual Meeting to this national prayer gathering.

We will join together in the same room and around the world via technology for this one epic night of prayer. Plan now to adjust your dinner or fellowship to before this session or gather with friends after the session itself. Please let NOTHING keep you from this extraordinary night of prayer together.

The world-wide night of prayer is to be headlined by American pastors, and later prayer sessions and worship.

One of the unique moments of the evening will be when we embrace and celebrate our ethnic diversity, which may also involve moments of repentance and reconciliation. Each of us needs to be in this experience together, letting God do a powerful work in each of our lives and churches. Southern Baptists must lead the way in embracing and celebrating our ethnic diversity.

There is so much I believe God wants us to share and pray about on this evening. Pastors and church leaders, come to Columbus! Do not miss this night. If you live within driving distance of Columbus, Ohio, and can’t attend the entire conference, at least come for Tuesday night.

Please pray for Dr. Floyd and the men leading this event.