by Rod D. Martin
May 25, 2014

My family has been serving in the military quite literally since William the Conquerer invaded England, so please do not take this wrong, but this is something for which I have no patience. Far too many military and ex-military folk today are taking the position (on Facebook and off) that “I served, therefore no one else may have an opinion” on this or that subject.

If that’s your position, I don’t know what you were doing in uniform, but it certainly wasn’t defending America, the idea of it, or your oath to “protect and defend” its Constitution.

George Washington would have severely disciplined any soldier who took such a view, and he would have been right to do so. He did not risk life, fortune or sacred honor to create a Starship Troopers-like fascist state.

So folks, if you served, we honor you with all our hearts and souls. But please don’t tell us that everyone else has to shut up, because when you do that, you pretty much erase both your honor and every other good thing you’ve ever done.