by Rod D. Martin
April 19, 2013

I sometimes marvel at questions to which I already know the answers, from history.

In the Cold War, America would send economic aid to an ally against Communism and the left would label it an aggressor; the Soviets would invade Hungary, Czechoslovakia, or Afghanistan, and the left would explain how Russia was really just reacting to the aforementioned economic aid.

Russia would deploy nuclear missiles all over Europe, and Democrats would ignore it. America would deploy deterrent missiles (fewer, and smaller), and Democrats would label Reagan a crazed warmonger out to destroy the world.

In the 1990s, Clinton told us Saddam had WMDs and bombed the crap out of Iraq, conveniently on the day of his grand jury testimony and on the day before his impeachment vote: liberals cheered his bravery and foreign policy acumen. In 2003, Bush told us Saddam had WMDs and the left universally called him a liar (funny thing, though: Bill Clinton didn’t).

In the 1960s, when America sent troops to defend the Republic of Vietnam from blatant Communist aggression, Jane Fonda went to Hanoi to call us colonizers and John Kerry went to Congress to call fully half our troops “war criminals”. In 1975, when North Vietnam conquered South Vietnam, they called the North heroes and liberators. And when in the next 30 months the Communists murdered 1/3 of the population of Cambodia, Fonda, Kerry and the entire Democratic elite stood silent.

Nothing really changes for these people. They were red diaper babies then, they are wearing Depends now, but one thing remains the same: if you hate America, you must be defended; if you’re for America, you are immediately suspect.

They’re entitled to their opinion. But it sure is stupid. And predictable. And evil.