by Rod D. Martin
January 7, 2023

When Christa Brown flips on Rachael Denhollander, the wheels are truly coming off the bus:

“As confirmed in multiple text messages from Rachael Denhollander, when survivors contact the SBC’s sexual abuse hotline, currently operated by Guidepost Solutions, Denhollander is the “advocate” to whom Guidepost refers survivors so that Denhollander can “help them evaluate press and legal options.” This information is also substantiated in email correspondence from a Guidepost representative.

“Simultaneous with this role as designated advocate for survivors who use the hotline, Denhollander serves as an adviser to the SBC’s abuse reform implementation task force, which announced last September that it had “formally retained” her. She also served as an adviser to the SBC’s prior sexual abuse task force.

Rachael Denhollander

“That’s why, with enormous reluctance and trepidation, I’m writing this column — because I can no longer tolerate what I perceive as a lack of transparency surrounding this.

“Why have SBC officials allowed this apparent conflict? What do they gain by using the same individual in potentially conflicting roles? Do they care one iota about how destructive of trust this is?”


I suppose now we find out whether the SBC’s new leadership will listen to Christa Brown on this any better than they listened to Rod Martin.

Brown’s full op-ed is here, at Baptist News Global.

UPDATE: “Evidence Corroborates Brown’s Attack on Denhollander”, at Capstone Report.