by Rod D. Martin
August 17, 2018

My old and dear friend Ky Harrod posted an article on Facebook — at which he was and you should be horrified — in which Chelsea Clinton ludicrously claims that “abortion has added $3.5 trillion to our economy.” He rightly notes that “Of course, she does not factor in the lost productively of 60 million aborted Americans.”

Indeed she does not. Her (evil) math is ridiculous. But not only for Ky’s wise reason.

How many Einsteins were among those 60 million? How many Bachs? How many Churchills, and Rockefellers, and Spurgeons?

And how many just regular folks, who would have raised lovely families, and been productive citizens, and loved and been loved?

Even if Chelsea’s math made any sense at all, the reduction to ledger numbers of all those lost lives is the math of a concentration camp or a gulag, the central planning-think of the 20th century’s greatest (statist) nightmares.

In response, we hear inanities such as that it would be worse to be an “unwanted child” than to never have been born at all. Funny: Steve Jobs was nearly one of those “unwanted” children. Beethoven’s mother nearly aborted him, as did Bocelli’s and Pope John Paul II’s (and more recently, Celine Dion’s, Cher’s, and Tim Tebow’s). Do they look like tragic figures who would have preferred death to life? And even if they did, the fact is that, in America at least, 36 families wait for every 1 child adopted.

But even were that not true, how many orphans and children of frightened, impoverished single parents have gone on to change the world? It’s almost impossible to count. And why should any innocent child have to die for someone else’s convenience, no matter how sad the short-term circumstances may be?

We have lost the population of a decent sized country to this, just in the United States alone. We’ve lost hundreds of millions more abroad, possibly more. Had it been a war, it would have been the most terrible and destructive in all of human history, indeed, a war with a death toll higher than the sum of all the wars that have ever been fought.

We must stop this slaughter. We. Must.



Chelsea Clinton praises Roe v. Wade: Abortion ‘added $3.5 trillion to our economy’
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— Chelsea Clinton’s Ludicrous Claim originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.