by Rod D. Martin
September 19, 2018

Note that I’m having to post this from a local news outlet. A Republican newcomer beats a Democrat former state and U.S. Rep. in a Texas Senate district that’s been blue for 139 years.

Wow. That’s kind of a big deal. And that’s a TEXAS state Senate district: significantly larger than a U.S. House district.

If the parties were reversed, you’d hear nothing but #BlueWave. But you’re not going to hear much about this race at all, because it goes against that narrative, and also the narrative that Ted Cruz is going to lose to Beto (he isn’t: he’s up by 9, and well over 50%, in even a left-leaning poll out yesterday).

Kind of like all you heard about there being a few more Democrat primary voters than Republicans in Minnesota, but nothing at all (except here) about there being 150,000 more Republican primary voters than Democrats in Florida (where we’re supposedly being swamped by Democrat Puerto Rican refugees). Didn’t serve the narrative, so it wasn’t news.

This Texas race is…interesting.


— Blue Wave? GOP Takes Texas Senate Seat That’s Been Democrat for 139 Years originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.