by Rod D. Martin
May 16, 2013

My friend Jennifer Wortham posted to Facebook this article called “Are Women Less Ambitious?  Confessions of a Corporate Dropout“.  A very good read in its own right, she introduced it as follows:

For my sisters who think the numbers tell a story of oppression. No. It’s everything but. Let women be who they want to be.

“…Women who have traditionally “leaned in” are leaving corporate America at twice the rate of men. They don’t do it to stay at home. They start companies. They get on boards. They do community work.”

Speaking as husband, father of two daughters (plus Elizabeth), grandfather of one granddaughter, and past and present employer of many women, I find myself continuing to ask:  why must the feminazis forever tell women that the only standard they can possibly aspire to is that of men?!

What a bunch of stupid losers. Patty Ireland, you’re not helping anybody.

Women are not men. They are women. They are different. Gloriously so. “Different” is not “inferior”: frequently it is “better”. It is also not alone, and that gives women options — not merely burdens — that are different and thoroughly legitimate.

Why a bunch of old dykes thought they could better womanhood by turning it into manhood escapes me. I’m not saying the world isn’t better for the overturning of “the way things were” circa 1950. I’m just saying the answer to oppressive differentiation is not oppressive sameness.

Let women be women. And let the so-called “feminists” get off their backs: they’re worse than what went before them.

(Do read the article, online here.)