by Rod D. Martin
January 9, 2007

And here’s another item from the Anti-Christian Leftist Union:  now they’re going after the Rhode Island State Police for (horrors!) enforcing the law on a bunch of illegal aliens.

There is no enemy of the United States, no attacker of decency, and now apparently no foreign invader the ACLU will not support.

Vanguard board member Alan Sears (who is also head of the Alliance Defense Fund) recently wrote an outstanding exposé of these Marxist zealots, The ACLU vs. America.  Everyone really ought to pick this up.  It’s easy to focus on the harm of groups like MoveOn, but the ACLU is rich, powerful, and very very old: its savvy knows no bounds.  And if Americans understood it as it really is, it would have all the cachet of the John Birch Society.

Isn’t it time?