Excellent insight on John Kerry’s implosion from my good friend Ken Walsh, co-host of “The Wake-Up Call” on WFTW in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.


by Ken Walsh
November 1, 2006

Someone made reference to water cooler chat among liberal Democrats at the Command and Control Warrior School.

I have some concerns. Who is in charge over there? If these people are so left-wing as to make excuses for French Kerry, what the hell are they doing at a school for those engaged in the fight against terrorism? Alert the OSI, there is a possible security threat here.

Regarding their excuses for Kerry’s hatred of the military, his quote is what it is. He said it, he meant it, he believes it. He was not talking about the President. He was talking about high school and college age kids.

Charlie Rangel has said much the same, claiming that Republican policies keep the underprivileged in the ghettos of large cities. Their only way out is to join the military because they have no other options. In part, that may be true. Many young men and women of modest means have been able to pursue and career and also obtain an education through military service. We should be proud of them for taking the high road and serving their country. The military does offer opportunities for advancement. Nothing wrong with that.

However, Kerry meant to imply what the Boston Brahmins feel about their own kids, that their lives would be wasted by joining the service.

Democrats ignore the very best and brightest students from leading schools who obtained ROTC scholarships as a means to attend those schools. I try to bring some of our local high schools grads on the show to let our listeners know what high achievers the military will be getting in a few years. It is the same with the kids Tom Rice was referring to this morning who are vying for academy appointments.

The standards are being raised even higher because from now on, even the lowest ranking private in an infantry squad will have to be trained enough in the law of armed conflict to be able to ask himself in the heat of the battle, as the mortar rounds are coming in and the bullets are whizzing by his head, “Hmm, now what would John ‘I Served in Viet Nam’ Kerry do in a situation like this? Would he return fire or cut and run?”

As for their other water cooler excuses:

“Kerry is stupid, but so is Bush.” Rush mentioned today what I have been saying all along, i.e., Bush has an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. Children of the wealthy and the influential can get an undergrad degree from Harvard based on Daddy funding a professorship, but an M.B.A. has to be earned. Suggest you ask those who question “W’s” academic credentials if they can match an master’s in business from Harvard. (By the way, the MBA program at the Mendoza College of Business at the little Catholic school on the north shore of the south bend of the St. Joseph River in northern Indiana is rated in the top five).

If people who have never served should not opine about the military, then we would have to restrict most of the elected Dems from voting on military issues. Besides, the fact that Kerry did serve makes his statement even more offensive.

I cannot wait for the outcome of the countersuit filed by Bud Day though which he is attempting to cleanse the good names of all Viet Nam era veterans whose reputations were smeared by Kerry and his cronies. Check out his Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation website for more info on the suit. He told me last Thursday night that some of the original witnesses in the long-ago Congressional hearings about GI’s being war criminals are not checking in to hospitals or getting drunk and arrested to avoid answering questions under oath at scheduled depositions.

John Kerry merely articulated what members of today’s Democrat party really feel about the military. If those people standing around that watercooler choose to admit that they are still Democrats, then they must live with the fact that John Kerry speaks for them.