by Dr. Jack Wheeler
March 23, 2017

The front page headlines around the world of this morning’s (3/23) news are all the same – about the “driver,” the “assailant,” the “lone wolf,” the “knife-man,” the “knife-wielding attacker,” who murderously drove his car across Westminster Bridge killing and injuring dozens of pedestrians, and stabbed a policeman to death trying to enter Parliament in London.

There is story after story about the victims and the policeman, who are named with photos and their life stories. There is one story that is missing. Search in vain through the newspapers and websites of the British and US press, for you will not find one about the perpetrator – not who he is, not his life story, not even his name.

Scotland Yard is, at this writing, refusing to identify him. They only describe him as “Asian” – which is PC code in Europe for “Moslem,” and his attack as “an act of international terrorism.”

British Prime Minister Theresa May denounced the attack as “sick and depraved” – never even hinting at who or what is responsible for such sickness and depravity.

So who and what is? The answer may surprise you. For as much as you and I and every reader of British tabloids know that the “Asian knife-man” is a Moslem motivated by Islamofascist barbarism, that’s not who and what.

To learn who and what is responsible for that Moslem terrorist’s sickness and depravity, all Theresa May and every native-born Brit have to do is look in the mirror.

Last week (3/17) at To The Point, I discussed “The Suicidal Racism of Western Civilization.” Now we turn to the West’s – including America’s – suicidal masochism.

Suppose you have a neighbor – nice guy, nice wife, nice kids, nice home – who invites several illegal alien Moslems who claim they are “refugees” from Somalia to live in his home because he feels sorry for them.

They proceed to take over the home, loudly pray five times a day, shout insults at you and the other neighbors as “infidels,” and end up gang-raping your neighbor’s wife and 12 year-old daughter.

What would you say to your neighbor when he complains bitterly about this? You might express condolences and sympathy out of politeness – but be honest with yourself, what would you be thinking and want to say? Wouldn’t it be, “Sorry, but it’s your own stupid bleeding-heart fault – you asked for this, you idiot!”

The Christian West has been subjected to Islamic barbarism for centuries. Not just the past few decades, but for well over a thousand years.

Jan Sobieski, Savior of Christendom

And until very recently, Christians fought back. The Christians of Spain fought for over 800 years (711-1465) to rid their country of Islamic invaders. Can you imagine the will it took, from family to family for 30 generations, to do that? See “Reconquista” from August 2009.

It was with good reason the Spanish deemed their patron saint Santiago de Matamoros – Saint James the Moslem-Killer.

St. James killing Moslem soldiers
Cathedral of Santiago de Campostela, Spain

Or the will it took Charles the Hammer and his 30,000 Christian Knights to defeat 200,000 Moslem soldiers determined to conquer all of Christian Europe at the Battle of Tours in 732?

Charles the Hammer at the Battle of Tours

Or the heroism of Jean de Vallette and the Knights of Malta to defeat the gigantic armada of Suleiman the Magnificent in 1565? See “The Siege of Malta” from December 2009.

Jean de Vallette

Or the historic courage of Polish King Jan Sobieski, who with his Winged Hussars rode to the rescue of Vienna in 1683, crushing Sultan Mehmet IV’s Holy War to subjugate all of Christian Europe to the yoke of Islam? See “Victory Over Jihad Day” from September 2007.

Jan Sobieski
Note the Ottoman soldier he is trampling is holding a copy of the Koran

Italy’s Amalfi Coast is world-renowned for its sublime beauty. It is riddled with crumbling stone structures called “Saracen Towers” built to protect villagers from the slave raids of Moslem pirates.

From 1500 to 1800, Moslem pirates from the north coast of Africa so devastated the Christian Mediterranean that entire coastlines of Spain and Italy were depopulated. There were slave raids as far away as Ireland, and over one million Christians captured and enslaved, who “would end their days as slaves in North Africa, dying of starvation, disease, or maltreatment,” in the words of British historian Robert Davis. See “The Saracen Tower” from September 2011.

A Saracen Tower on the Amalfi Coast

Thomas Jefferson put an end to Barbary Coast slaving piracy, sending the Marines led by Lieutenant Presley O’Bannon to force the surrender of the Pasha of Tripoli, Yussif Karamanli, in 1805. The Pasha presented O’Bannon with a Mameluke sword for his bravery, which Marine officers carry to this day. Ever since, the Marines have sung about “the shores of Tripoli.”

Jefferson and the US Marines introduced real Islam (“islam” is the Arabic word for “submission”) – submission to civilized behavior – to Moslems. The people of Amalfi did not have to build Saracen Towers anymore, and were free to prosper – so much so they could convert those towers into spas and fancy restaurants.

Now, however, Italy is threatened once again by Moslem invasion. Over 180,000 “migrants” from Africa were smuggled across the Med to Italy last year, with close to 24,000 more this year, including 3,312 on March 19 alone. These people are not “migrants” – they are illegal alien Moslem invaders.

Turkey’s Islamofascist dictator Recep Erdogan is attempting the ancient Ottoman goal of conquering the West for Islam demographically, with an invasion of over a million Moslem “refugees” from the Middle East. Yesterday (3/22), Erdogan publicly declared that “Europeans will not walk safely on their streets” unless they subjugate themselves to Turkey’s Islamic demands.

The 1,400 year-long lesson of all this: Islam is a predator religion. Its founder said his god – meaning the voice in his head – demanded it be spread by the sword, that those who do not submit are infidels whom his followers have a god-given right to kill and enslave.

It does no good whatsoever to blame Islam for this, to claim this is immoral, that they have no right to do so, that they must respect our democratic values, and can’t we please all get along. That’s like a gazelle telling a lion that he has no right to hunt him down and eat him.

A gazelle has no choice but to run away and hide, cowering in fear. But human beings are not gazelles. Let’s go to Africa’s Serengeti Plains, where gazelles and lions live. The people who live in the Serengeti are the Masai.

How do the Masai make a living? They are cattle herders. Cattle herders in lion country. Lots of lions live in the Serengeti, and they love to eat cows. Cows are easy to kill and taste real good. What have the Masai got to protect their cattle – and themselves – from the lions? Spears. No guns, just spears.

What do the Masai wear for clothing? Bright red robes. They want to make sure the lions see them, know where they are. For when a lion sees a Masai, it is the lion that runs away, not the Masai. Lions are scared of the Masai, who are very, very good at hunting lions down and killing them. With spears.


Masai herdsman in the Serengeti

Now let’s go to Sweden. Swedes are cultured, civilized, iconically European, the antithesis of the Masai – and today especially so in how they deal with predators wanting to eat them alive.

Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe – due almost exclusively to Moslem immigrant rape gangs. Riots and attacks on police by Moslem immigrants are becoming more common – although the Swedish press won’t call the rioters Moslems. They call the rioters “youths.”

Entire cities like Mälmo are no-go areas, having been seized by Islamist “refugees.” Sweden is disintegrating culturally and nationally. And what are Swedes doing about it? Cowering in fear like a gazelle.

On Wednesday (3/21), journalist Tim Pool issued a report on a number of interviews he’s recently had with people all over Sweden, entitled: “Why Are People in Sweden So Afraid to Speak?”

It’s a must-read insight into the masochism destroying Europe. A psychologist agreed to be interviewed only if he was anonymous, blurred-out in the video, and wore a hoodie to hide his face. A quote:

“There are many examples of people speaking out about problems that are somewhat taboo to speak about, who have ruined their careers, lost friends and jobs, and the social stigma is still enormous. Everything about migration, crime related to migrants, has been taboo for many years.”

Swedes are being raped and terrorized by people they invited into their country whom they felt sorry for and wanted to help. Yet they cower in fear and refuse to complain. This is straightforward masochism. What could cause it?

The same cause of white auto-racism that we discussed last week: The fear of being envied.

The 10th Commandment states: Thou shall not envy others. It is a proscription to not commit the sin of covetousness (chamad in Hebrew) or envy.

The corollary, or 10th(a) Commandment should state: Thou shall not fear the envy of others.

Put these two together and you have the key to freedom, peace, and prosperity for any society. Ignore them, letting envy run amok, and you have the key to violence, poverty, and masochistic suicide for any society.

The latter consequence is engulfing European countries like Sweden. Since the defining characteristic of American liberals is the fear of envy by others, they are incapable of wanting to defend their country from predators.

Donald Trump was elected president by Americans who don’t want Sweden to be the fate of America. He is opposed by Americans who do.

Those who want America to be a place of freedom, peace, and prosperity must realize that those who oppose them are suicidally masochistic at their core, willing to lower themselves to any degree of self-abasement in their futile attempts at envy-appeasement.

That is why the American Left is progressively becoming more clinically insane by the day now in its Trump-hatred.

In return, all we really need to do is request that they take out their masochistic compulsions upon themselves, and not their country.

It’s a simple request, and recipe for saving Western Civilization.


— The Suicidal Masochism of Western Civilization originally appeared at To The Point News.