by Charles Gordon
May 20, 2007

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Rudy Giuliani has an obvious problem: Since he has refused to move away from his radical-left position on abortion, his only path to the nomination is to be tougher than tough on the war on terror. Yet it took Ron Paul’s blaming America for 9/11 to get Rudy any traction in the second presidential debate on what was supposed to be his number-one issue. Worse, at the end of the debate, it was Mitt Romney and Duncan Hunter who had the most authentically strong responses to the questioner’s asking what the candidates would do in the event of a series of terrorist attacks on shopping malls.

Most GOP primary voters will be tough on terror and pro-life…..That leads to the obvious question: If one is pro-life, why vote for Rudy when you can vote for others who are pro-life and at least equally tough on terror?

Such is Rudy’s dilemma.