I’m pleased to tell you that you have been personally selected by Rod D. Martin, founder and CEO of The Martin Organization, to work with him on a very important project. Rod has assembled some of the best and brightest business owners and entrepreneurs in the country to work with him. Congratulations: you’re one of them!

Please read below to learn more.

What’s the Project?

Rod will be writing a new book about entrepreneurship and leadership in business. Because you’re so successful, Rod thinks his readers need to hear your story.

Should you choose to work with Rod on this important project, you and several other highly successful business leaders will write a chapter for a book. At the end of the project you’ll be given 1,000 copies of the book at wholesale price to use as business cards, marketing tools, or sold for profit. You can order more at any time. You’ll forever be a published author, and you will have co-authored your book with some of the brightest minds in business – including serial entrepreneur Rod D. Martin.

Okay, so I’m interested. I want to learn more. What comes next?

To setup a private telephone call, just fill out the form below. One of us will get in touch with you and setup a time to talk with Rod one-on-one. If you both leave the call ready to move forward, we’ll help you get started writing your chapter and you’ll be on your way to becoming a published author!

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If you have any questions or technical problems, don’t hesitate to give me a call directly. In the meantime, please fill out the contact form to let Rod know you’re ready to work on this project with him.


Nicholas J. Stehle
Vice President of Operations, The Martin Organization