January 11, 2008

TheVanguard.Org founder Rod Martin’s recent interview with leftwing media site MediaTransparency.org:  a surprisingly fair look at the state of the Christian Right and of conservative politics generally.  A short excerpt:

Some in the media, and on the left, view these fault lines as symbolic of a major meltdown on the right. It has spurred the churning out of a series of pre-mature obituaries; stories gleefully detailing perceived — and real — rifts within the movement. Parts of the Traditional Media may conclude the Religious Right’s days are numbered.

Rod Martin comes at it from a different perspective, that of a conservative insider. Relatively unknown outside conservative circles, Martin is a core movement insider.

In the course of the interview — conducted before the Iowa caucuses via a series of e-mail exchanges — Martin talked about the state of the conservative movement; the role of the Religious Right in the upcoming presidential election; and MoveOn.org, an organization that Martin claims is a constant subject of conversation for conservatives.

Enjoy the article!