by John Nolte
September 27, 2017

Contrary to what dishonest leftists, the media, and the NFL want you to believe, when you are at work, no one, including a bunch of crybaby football players, has the right to express themselves.

For a number of very good reasons, employers have a wide variety of rights when it comes to controlling the behavior of their employees.

Almost all of us work for employers who, at least while we are on the clock, control what we say, what we do not say, how we dress, how we present ourselves, and how we can (or cannot) express ourselves — not just politically, but in every way.

In some cases, employers also control what we do outside of work. Many companies forbid their workers from badmouthing the company during non-work hours. Moreover, if I were to expose myself as a racist and join the KKK or tweet out racist jokes, my boss would have every right to fire me (and would).

So this particular talking point we are hearing in defense of spoiled millionaires, who feel they must spit on the American flag and anthem, this nonsense about how in America, you have the right to express yourself at work, is nothing less than a massive pile of horse apples — a total and complete lie in defense of the indefensible.

The purpose of that massive lie, though, is to cover up the fact that the NFL hates America. Because what the NFL does not want you to talk about is this:

How an employer allows its employees to express themselves exposes the moral values of that employer.

For instance, I once worked for a company where, depending on which office you were in, you would find either an American flag, a gay pride flag, a poster of Cindy Crawford in a bikini, a shirtless firemen calendar, a Goodfellas poster, or a framed picture of Jesus. (I will let you guess which one was mine.)

What that wonderful menagerie of self-expression told you is that my employer allowed everyone to express themselves in their own unique way.

Another employer I worked for allowed only a couple of family photos. Nothing else. No flags, cartoons, nothing.

What this told you is that my employer wanted self-expression left at home.

In both of those cases, the policy regarding self-expression was completely defensible.

The NFL’s policy of self-expression is not only indefensible, what we have here is an employer, a taxpayer-funded institution, a billion dollar corporation, that has just proven it despises America.

How do we know this?

Simple. All you have to do is look at the NFL’s policy regarding self-expression.

Here are nine pieces of proof that prove the NFL hates the United States of America…


1.NFL Threatens Fines Against Players Who Wanted to Commemorate 9/11

In September 2016, three NFL players planned to wear cleats in honor of the 15th anniversary of the September 11 attacks on America. The NFL put a stop to it with threats of fines.

2. NFL Fines Player over Headband

In 1986, an NFL player was fined $5,000 for wearing a headband with a company logo on it.

3. NFL Fines Player over Breast Cancer Advocacy

In 2015, the NFL fined a player $5,757 for wearing eye black that read “Find the Cure” in support of breast cancer awareness.

4. NFL Orders Players Not to Honor Fallen Police Officers

In July 2016, in honor of five police officer murdered in cold blood by a Black Lives Matter activist, the Dallas Cowboys wanted to honor the slain officers with a small helmet decal. The NFL put a stop to it.

5. NFL Fines Player for “Thrusting”

Just last year, NFL player Antonio Brown was fined $23,309 for expressing himself on the field by “thrusting.”


6. NFL Fines Player for “Hopping”

Just last year, NFL player Trai Turner was fined $9,115 for expressing himself on the field by hopping.

7. NFL Players Fined for Mimicking the Taking of a Photograph

Just last year, NFL players Victor Cruz and Odell Beckham were each fined $12,145 for expressing themselves on the field by mimicking the taking of a photograph.


8. NFL Fines Player for Marching in Place

Just last year, NFL player Terrelle Pryor was fined $9,115 for expressing himself on the field by marching in place.


9. NFL Fines Player Over Raising Awareness for Domestic Violence

In 2015, NFL player William Gay was fined for wearing purple cleats meant to raise awareness for domestic abuse.

Believe me: I could go on and on and on. The fines threatened and levied by the NFL against players who commit various acts of self-expression are nearly endless.

But in summation, here are the incontrovertible facts…

The NFL will not allow its players self-expression that commemorates slain police officers or 9/11.

The NFL will not allow its players to raise awareness for breast cancer or domestic abuse.

The NFL will not allow its players to hop, thrust, march in place, or mimic the taking of a photograph.

From what we can tell, the only act of self-expression the NFL allows is the protesting the American flag and anthem.

Therefore, the values of the NFL are clear.

The NFL hates America.


— Proof That The NFL Hates America originally appeared at To The Point News. John Nolte was Breitbart’s first editor-in-chief and is now their senior editor.