May 12, 2014


DESTIN FLORIDA — May 12, 2014:  Today, National Federation of Republican Assemblies President Sharron Angle, prominent Tea Party leader and 2010 Republican nominee for U.S. Senate against Majority Leader Harry Reid, announced the formation of an NFRA National Advisory Board, composed of many of the nation’s most prominent conservatives and Republican leaders.  The board will provide the grassroots-focused NFRA with greater strategic depth and reach for its mission of reforming the Republican Party and advancing the conservative agenda.

The Board’s initial members are:

  • Rafael Cruz — Beaten in Castro’s prisons, Cruz is the embodiment of the American dream:  a refugee who became a successful entrepreneur, pastor and passionate advocate for freedom and America. He is also the father and foremost advisor of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).
  • Robert Fischer — Entrepreneur and pro-life activist, Fischer is the founder of Conservatives of Faith, a behind-the-scenes conclave of the nation’s top conservative political and religious leaders seeking to coordinate effective action.
  • Kevin Freeman — A fund manager and protégé of Sir John Templeton, Freeman is the free world’s foremost expert on economic warfare and global financial terrorism.
  • Deal Hudson — One of America’s most prominent Catholic thinkers and political voices, Hudson is the longtime former publisher of Crisis magazine and Inside Catholic, and was liaison to the Catholic community for President George W. Bush.
  • Ernest Istook — A seven-term Congressman and co-founder of the conservative Republican Study Committee, Istook is a talk radio host, a Fellow of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and a Distinguished Fellow of the Heritage Foundation.
  • Jerry A. Johnson — Today President of the National Religious Broadcasters, at 23 the already distinguished Johnson was elected a Trustee of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he cast the deciding vote to fire the liberal establishment there and replace them with orthodox Christians under the leadership of Dr. Albert Mohler.  Now 45, he has served as Dean of Boyce College, Dean of Faculty at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, President of Criswell College, and Chairman of the Nominating Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, the nation’s largest Protestant denomination.
  • Rod D. Martin, Chairman — Three-term past president of the NFRA, Martin is a technology entrepreneur, author and activist.  He was part of PayPal’s pre-IPO startup team, he is a professor of history, government and innovation, and he is founder and CEO of The Martin Organization, which develops cutting edge technologies in the internet and biotech spaces.
  • Jim Pinkerton — One of America’s leading thinkers, Pinkerton was Director of Policy Planning for Presidents Reagan and Bush Sr.  He is a Fox News contributor, author, and outspoken champion of reform and innovation in health care.
  • Judge Paul Pressler — A longtime appeals court justice, Pressler is best known as the architect of the “Conservative Resurgence” in the Southern Baptist Convention, a twelve-year struggle in which leadership of the denomination was restored to its overwhelming conservative majority.
  • Paul Teller  — Longtime head of the Republican Study Committee, the caucus of true conservatives in the U.S. House, Teller has done more to advance the conservative agenda than virtually anyone currently active in politics.

“This group isn’t just distinguished because it’s prominent,” said Angle, who was elected NFRA President last fall, “They’re distinguished because they’ve done what NFRA is here to do:  advance a real, conservative agenda, and in many cases, take back institutions seemingly lost to the liberals.  Lots of groups talk.  NFRA is here to act.”

Rod Martin, whom Angle appointed to lead the National Advisory Board, agreed.  “Activism is the most important part of citizenship, but many activists lack experience and need some help.  The Tea Party is vulnerable here because, feeling that everyone in the system has let us down, many of us have trouble knowing who to trust.  Well, this group has done the deed.  Their advice isn’t just trustworthy because it’s true, it’s trustworthy because it’s worked.”

The National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) is a reform movement within the Republican Party which promotes the principles and candidates of the Party’s conservative majority. Republican Assemblies have three main purposes: to recruit activists into the Republican Party, to elect conservative leadership to party offices, and to endorse and work for the nomination of conservative candidates in party primaries. Ronald Reagan called the Republican Assemblies “the conscience of the Republican Party,” while others have called them “the Tea Party before there was a Tea Party.”

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