October 17, 2015

On MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” Jose Diaz-Balart, host of “The Rundown,” said since President Obama re-opened diplomatic relations, Cuba significantly increased — not decreased — human rights violations and political imprisonment.

When a host at the farthest left television network goes off-narrative, it’s noteworthy.

Raul Castro has been calling for an end to the U.S. embargo on Cuba, including during his first speech to the U.N. General Assembly. Diaz-Balart said, “You know, the embargo, if you look at how it was codified into law, it’s pretty basic and simple on how the embargo would be lifted. How all of the blockades that exist between the United States being able to fully have economic relations and support for the Cuban government. It’s pretty simple how that would go away. If there is a call for free and fair elections, if political prisoners are released, if unions are allowed to organize and people can move freely within the country. If those three things happen in Cuba, then the embargo would cease to exist. So it’s almost as if people are speaking in New York on different planets, because it’s pretty simple. You call for democratic elections,  you have a release of political prisoners, and have unions and the embargo’s over.”

The regime in Cuba knows what has to be done for the U.S. to lift the embargo. But why would they do those things, when a weak U.S. Administration is giving them everything they want for free?

Chuck Todd asked Diaz-Balart about Cuba’s response since the United States opened up diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Diaz-Balart replied, “Well, the increase of repression has been clear. A young man, El Sexto, who is an artist, currently in a prison in Cuba, no charges against him. He’s on a hunger strike, very close to death, and that is because, in an art exhibit, he brought out an art exhibit that had two apparently paper mache pigs. One said Fidel and one said Raul. And for that art exhibit, he’s close to death. Over the weekend, 70 people were arrested in Cuba. That includes Ladies of White and dissidents. The three dissidents that tried to approach the pope are still unaccounted for in prison. A lot of questions by Raul Castro, but what is going to cause a change in that government that’s been in power since January 1st of 1959?”

Host Chuck Todd added, ”It was very important, I thought, we bring up that political prisoner point. These are people that the pope supposedly was blessing all these things. They put on a good show. Then when we all leave, something seems to change.”

The Obama Administration is silent on the repression of political dissidents inside Cuba, for whom America has stood since before Barack Obama was born. But in power, this “champion of the people” has abandoned them to their fate, preferring the Marxist who has praised his “progressivism.” It’s tragic. And it’s telling.