by Robert Allen
November 21, 2016

Remember this, my friends:

– when you are falsely accused of racism, your accuser is a racist,

– when it is suggested you may not accept the outcome of an election and might react with violence, it is actually a threat of violence (and a warning of what is to come),

– when you are told that electoral fraud is virtually impossible and that the requirement for identification is racist voter suppression, the maker of the illogical statement is a liar or a fool (probably mostly a liar),

– when you are told that the American flag is a symbol of racial oppression, when a war was fought to free the slaves in America, you know the makers of those statements are not just fools, they are evil,

– when you are told that the press is neutral, remember how they vote and to whom they contribute money, remember how they shared their questions with one campaign and not the other, remember how they pointed their attack questions at one candidate and not the other, and remember that they are, collectively (with some exceptions), in matters of national politics, frauds and co-conspirators with one of the political parties,

– when you are told you are a sexist, because you opposed a woman you disagree with, remember that argument is totally sexist, since you oppose the policies of the woman, not the fact she is a woman,

– remember that when the opinions of older people are denounced because of the age of the person expressing the opinion, that is vile and it is hatred,

– remember that when the opinions of men are denounced because they are made by men, that is vile and sexist,

– remember that when you are accused of being a homophobe or a hater, because you oppose gender confused people using the wrong bathroom, you are standing up for common sense,

– remember that when you are accused of being a misogynist authoritarian, because you oppose abortion, it is a vile lie, because what you are doing is standing up for the innocent and defenseless,

– remember that when you oppose government requiring religious institutions to live by rules that contradict their conscience and faith, you are not a hater, you are standing up for freedom.

These are difficult times. Believe in love and reason, but understand many who oppose you pretend to, but do not.

God bless the United States of America.