Another tremendous piece by my friend and SBC President Ronnie Floyd.

Join the Movement

by Ronnie Floyd
August 11, 2014

I am convinced that our greatest need in America is another Great Awakening. By His grace, I pray that our Sovereign Lord will bestow such mercy upon His people and our nation, that we would experience the next Great Awakening. No great movement of God ever occurs that is not first preceded by the extraordinary prayer of God’s people.

This is why I feel compelled to ask you to Join the Movement by praying daily with me and inviting your friends and church to Join the Movement and pray along with us. This prayer movement is extraordinary for these four important things:

JOIN THE MOVEMENT, Praying Daily For:


A Great Awakening is a season in time when unprecedented numbers of people come to Christ in a region or all over the country. It has been over 100 years since the last great move of God in our land. We need another Great Awakening. We must pray for it daily.

While this world is experiencing multiple crises and our own nation has a few of its own, our greatest crisis is spiritual. Each born again, evangelical believer should be praying daily for our nation to experience a spiritual awakening. Join the Movement by praying for this, beginning today.

Personally, we need to experience a spiritual revival. We need the mighty manifested presence of God in our lives. Corporately, the church needs to experience a spiritual revival. I spoke to this in my first press conference. We need the mighty manifested presence of God and His glory all over the church. When we are experiencing these moments with God, by His Sovereign grace, we pray our Lord gives our nation a Great Awakening.


Daily, we need to appeal to God to give us the resources, the people, and the strategy to reach the world for Christ. This is why we need a Great Awakening in America. As Great Commission Christians and as a denomination that believes this is our last hope for this world, we need to pray daily for the world to be reached for Christ.

Each of us must find our part in reaching the world for Christ. Yes, if God wakes up America with a spiritual awakening, we will be much more prepared and ready to do all we can to reach the world for Christ.

Join the Movement to pray with us daily to see the world reached for Christ. All of this begins with reaching our own town, community, village, or city for Christ.

Therefore, we will pray for the next Great Awakening in America and for us to reach the world for Christ, but also for…


From my opening press conference as President, I began to issue the call to each pastor, church leader, and lay person to join us in Columbus, Ohio, for our next Southern Baptist Convention, June 16-17, 2015. I appealed for the same through my first blog as President. We must begin to pray for our gathering now.

I recently visited Columbus, Ohio. I was highly impressed and blessed by the city and convention arrangements; however, I was more encouraged and blessed by a luncheon with approximately 180 pastors and leaders. God is doing some major things in Columbus and after observing this for one day, NOW I KNOW why God has us in Columbus, Ohio, June 16-17, 2015. It is HIS place for the Southern Baptist Family to meet.

Don’t miss praying daily for our annual meeting and surely don’t miss what God will do among us. Can you imagine what God may do when thousands of Southern Baptists pray daily for months in advance for the next Great Awakening, to reach the world for Christ, and our gathering in Columbus?

Get ready. Do not miss it. Join us there and even if you will not be able to attend, Join The Movement of extraordinary prayer.


Humbly, I request that you pray for me daily. I have never felt more in need of prayer in my life than today. The burden upon me is heavy and the task is overwhelming. But hope is rising in me, especially when I know that people are praying for me daily.

I am doing things I have never done before and am being asked about things that are beyond me. I am also speaking more than ever and conduct interviews frequently. This is why I need you to pray for me daily.

Additionally, please ask your church to pray for me. I need God’s wisdom, understanding, and power.