by Dr. Jack Wheeler
September 15, 2006

The last thing America’s Traitor Media would report is that we are winning in Afghanistan.  Yet that’s what’s happening.  NATO forces – combining US, Canadian, Australian, Polish soldiers plus 1,000 French (!) – have been rolling up the Taliban in a ball over the last several months.

The “resurgent” Taliban that Democrats like John Kerry claimed today (9/14) are “running amok across entire regions” of Afghanistan are in reality being wiped out.  Victory over them is quite near.

Taliban guerrillas are being killed by the gross – dozens, scores, at a time, hundreds a week.  Over 500 have been killed in one single district (Panjwayi) west of Kandahar (the main city in southern Afghanistan) in the past two weeks alone.  It’s being called The Great Taliban Turkey Shoot.

There is no way the Taliban – de-tribalized Islamic radicals  trying to swim in a completely tribalized society – can sustain these losses.  The fighting season is coming to a close, and winter will see the Taliban remnants (plural of Talib, Pushtun for “student”) melt away as they give up and try to re-assimilate into the respective tribes to which they once belonged.

In desperation, the Taliban have taken to terrorizing their fellow Afghans.  Hundreds of villages have been forced to close their schools, tribal elders who resist are assassinated.  This has caused a fierce backlash throughout the tribes of southern Afghanistan, who are rejecting and repulsing them en masse.

By winter’s end and the springtime fighting season begins next year, what remains of the Taliban will have been pushed across the border into a sanctuary of Pakistan called South Waziristan.  It’s a trap.

The “truce” Pakistan leader Parvez Musharraf just inked with the region’s tribal leaders is a Taliban Roach Motel.  The Taliban and their Al Qaeda buddies will have NATO on one side and Pak troops Musharraf can trust on the other.  The bad guys won’t get out alive.

Not a word of this will escape the lips of CBS’ Katie Couric or appear on the pages of Bill Keller’s New York Times.  And desperate Democrats will deny it all.


— Dr. Jack Wheeler is editor-in-chief of To The Point News and is widely credited as the architect of the Reagan Doctrine.