by Mike Huckabee
September 8, 2017

Frankly, I wasn’t planning on making an endorsement in the runoff in the GOP US Senate primary race. I don’t have personal relationships with either of the two candidates and neither of them supported me in either of my campaigns for President so I had no political obligation to get involved. I have good friends in Alabama whose support is split between Senator Luther Strange, who was “strangely” appointed to the post by disgraced Governor Robert Bentley who made the appointment just as he was shown the door and resigned from office), and Judge Roy Moore, who is famous for his fights to preserve the display of the 10 Commandments on state property.

But recent events made me realize that if the GOP establishment is horrified at the notion of Judge Moore being elected, then by all means, let’s hope the wonderful people of Alabama make Judge Moore into Senator Moore!

After whining that Nancy Pelosi was the reason the House couldn’t change the spending addiction of Congress, we worked hard and the GOP took the majority in the House. But then, we were told that without the Senate, little could be accomplished to do basic things, like repeal and replace the failed Obamacare, defund disgusting abortion mills operated by Planned Parenthood, an organization founded by Margaret Sanger, a flaming racist who advocated “eugenics” an evil belief that people of color were inferior and shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce. Further, it would require majorities in both houses to challenge the unconstitutional executive power grabs by President Obama on everything from his about face views on same-sex marriage, and whether he, as President, could just change immigration laws. So we worked hard and the GOP got control of the Senate and the House.

But alas, the GOP leadership cried that what they really needed was the White House in order to really change things. And we gave them a Republican President, albeit not the one the elites in Washington wanted.

I’m now convinced they wanted the power and the piles of donor money that comes with being the majority, but not the actual responsibility of governing as promised. If the current GOP Congress would work as hard to help the President as they do to oppose him, our country would be in a very good place right now. But GOP Senators vote against their own promises, publicly criticize and condemn the President, and have accomplished virtually nothing.


The President needs Senators who are willing to disrupt the status quo, drain the swamp, and be responsible stewards of the power they’ve been entrusted with.

Luther Strange is probably a fine man, and I hear that from those who know him. My support of Roy Moore has nothing to do with specific displeasure with the appointed Senator Luther Strange, but because if the “power brokers” in DC are as desperate as they seem to be to keep Judge Moore from joining them, then they must fear that he can’t be counted on to “join the club.” And that is a good reason to support Judge Moore and hope that it sends a message to the do-nothing Congress that ought to be standing with our President to reform healthcare, taxes, infrastructure, national security, and job-killing regulation. Imagine the progress we’d have if members of Congress were as dedicated to helping the President’s plans for the economy as they are in going on TV to complain about a tweet he sent out.

I do know that Judge Moore rejects the absurd, illogical, and unconstitutional nonsense that the Supreme Court can create law based on what the court or public wants it to be. Judicial supremacy is a cancer on our country.

If the GOP wants me to support them, then I’d like to see something they promised. But they haven’t. In fact, they have made things worse by holding on to the Pelosi/Harry Reid doctrines and leaving rank and file Republicans exasperated.

Their inaction has “messed us up.” Let’s “mess them up” and give Judge Moore a chance to be a courageous voice and vote in the Senate. There are enough “strange” things happening with a GOP majority in the House and Senate. We deserve “more,” and perhaps much “MOORE.”

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