by Peter G. Traber, MD
January 22, 2013


Dear All,

Attached is a press release that was issued this morning. It reports that GR-MD-02 is also effective in treating diabetic kidney disease, including the fibrosis that occurs in this disease.  While we are not directly pursuing clinical development in this disease, it adds to the diseases for which the drug may be effective.  I am hopeful that this will be useful in discussions with potential partners who will be interested in moving forward with a clinical development program in this area.  Note that diabetic kidney disease is the number one reason for dialysis and kidney transplantation and there are no therapies other than blood glucose control.  We submitted a provisional patent on this in October.

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Peter G. Traber, MD
President, CEO, & CMO
Galectin Therapeutics Inc.
4960 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Suite 240,
Norcross, Georgia 30071


— Full-Text of the Press Release