by Daniel Greenfield
December 1, 2017

Senator Elizabeth Warren, America’s greatest living Fake Indian, is outraged.

“There he was, at a ceremony to honor Native Americans,” the former Harvard Law prof, who claimed to be Native American on account of her grandfather’s high cheekbones, fumed on Monday (11/27), “And President Trump couldn’t even make it through a ceremony to honor these men without throwing in a racial slur.”

The “racial slur” was calling a woman who is as Indian as the pilgrims, Pocahontas.

Taunting an American Indian that way might be a racial slur. Taunting Warren that way doesn’t insult her race. The millionaire former asbestos lawyer is as white as cottage cheese. It insults her character. It reminds everyone that Warren is as much a fighter for the “little guy” as she was a Cherokee.

The Senator from the High Cheekbones Tribe of Harvard isn’t just a fake Indian. She’s a fake class warfare activist.

And a fake everything.

Warren was a Republican before she turned Socialist. Before she was fighting corporations, she was helping corporations deny compensation to asbestos victims.

And before she was protesting the high cost of education, Harvard Law was paying her $350,000 to teach a single course. A multinational corporation owned by billionaires then gave her a $525,000 advance to tell her tale of rising from “poverty” to fight for ordinary people who don’t get their own chair funded by Wall Street lawyers.

It would take a heart of stone not to make Pocahontas jokes about a blue-eyed scam artist so shameless she passed herself off as Harvard Law School’s “first woman of color.”

A grifter whose campaign tried to prove she was really Indian by citing the work of her cousin who wrote the ‘Pow Wow Chow’ cookbook containing such authentic Indian recipes as Cold Omelets with Crab Meat and Crab with Tomato Mayonnaise Dressing.

Unfortunately both recipes turned out to be plagiarized from the braves of the New York Times. The recipes were those of Le Pavilion, a fabulously expensive French restaurant in Manhattan. Warren’s Cherokee claims are as fake as her outrage over being exposed as a liar.

There’s only one racist in this story. It’s Elizabeth Warren.

Calling her out for appropriating an oppressed group’s minority status for affirmative action so she could kickstart her career helping big corporations rip off the “little guy”, before switching to a Senate career promising to protect the “little guy” from people like her former employers, isn’t racism.

It’s fighting racism.

When the scandal broke, Senator Warren could have apologized to the Cherokee Nation. Instead she trotted out her grandfather’s “high cheekbones,” an imaginary document proving she was 1/32 Cherokee which turned out not to exist.

It’s almost as painful as watching her leftist colleague, Senator Franken claim that he unintentionally groped women because he’s just a people person. The only thing more awkward is the Washington Post’s desperate explainer, “Trump’s racist ‘Pocahontas’ reference really has nothing to do with Elizabeth Warren.”

The only possible way the reference could be racist would be if it had nothing to do with Warren. However since Trump was referring to Warren, POTUS and reality trump the Post.

The simple and awkward truth is that Senator Elizabeth Warren lied. There, was that so hard?

Just last week, Dems were celebrating how good it felt to finally admit that Bill Clinton was a rapist. But almost as soon as they experienced that liberating moment of truth, they had to call Congressman Conyers an icon (a civil rights icon who can’t keep his pants on or his hands to himself) while helping Senator Franken figure out what the exact definition of ‘grope” is.

Will it really take them another twenty years to admit that Senator Warren is as Indian as Iron Eyes Cody, the famous Crying Indian in the anti-pollution Earth Day ads?

Iron Eyes’ real name was Oscar de Corti whose parents came from Sicily. Oscar also claimed to be Cherokee. And he proved it by wearing headdresses and moccasins everywhere. His actual tribe was Italian. The tear in the Earth Day ad was glycerin.

The left loves its fake Indians. If you’re a white guy or girl, trade your privilege for instant authenticity by finding your own Pow Wow Chow cookbook.

Just ask Ward “Little Eichmanns” Churchill who, like Warren, got his academic gig with a little affirmative action grease, or Jackie “Jamake Highwater” Marks, who was all over PBS and college reading lists, whose parents were not Cherokee, but Jewish Los Angelinos.

Marks was exposed as a complete fraud as early as 1984 by investigative journalist Jack Anderson – yet the AP and New York Times’ 2001 obituary of him was headlined: “Jamake Highwater, American Indian Author.”

Thus come hell or highwater, the left will stand by Elizabeth ‘Iron Lies’ Warren.

Why protect Pocahontas from her own lies? Because Senator Warren didn’t just lie about her ancestry. She lied and lies about everything. The CFPB was never anything but a shifty leftist enclave. It was racist, illegal, unconstitutional and secretive. And, like everything Warren does, it was about power and profit.

There’s the myth of Fauxcahontas. And there’s the reality.

The Warren myth is that she’s courageous. The truth is that she’s a self-serving coward. Take her recent willingness to admit that the Dem primaries were “rigged”. It took her all of six days to walk it back.

Or take her entire career as an advocate for whoever would pay her the most.

These days, it’s the Left.

Senator Warren will play a Cherokee or a consumer advocate if there’s enough money in it.

She claimed that she had tried to pass as a minority in academia so that she “would be invited to a luncheon a group something with people who are like I am”.

Sadly, Rachel Dolezal, Iron Eyes Cody and Ja Du never got the invitation.

“Being Native American has been part of my story, I guess, since the day I was born,” Warren claimed. Except that no one had ever heard of any such nonsense from her until law school.

Or, as Iron Eyes Cody’s sister said, “The next thing we heard was that he had turned Indian.”

Then, just as expediently, Warren ceased to be a member of the High Cheekbones Tribe of Harvard.

The Cherokee, like everyone else, were nothing more than suckers for Warren to lie about and exploit. Which is why the best way to fight Senator Warren’s racism is to mock her pretensions by calling her, “Pocahontas.”

Trump isn’t hurling a racial slur at a white leftist liar. He’s exposing a racist.

Why is the left so outraged that President Trump called Senator Warren, “Pocahontas”? Forget about the “racial slur” nonsense. When your defense is, “Trump’s racist ‘Pocahontas’ reference really has nothing to do with Elizabeth Warren,” that really means it has nothing to do with racism.

And everything to do with Elizabeth Warren.

Let’s flash back to that last election where Trump trounced an unlikable prim lefty activist who couldn’t stop compensating for her own boring identity by making up stories about the time she negotiated peace in Northern Ireland, tried to join NASA and the Marines, and landed at an airport under fire.

A big chunk of the left wants Warren to run in 2020. So does Trump. He wouldn’t even need a new game plan because Elizabeth Warren is Hillary Clinton. There are the shady financial dealings, the stiff interviews, the flip-flopping, the missing sense of humor, the shameless greed and the compulsive lying.

The left is terrified of a second Trump term. And it’s terrified that its next Trump-killer candidate will just be Hillary again. Trump’s ‘Pocahontas’ attacks play into that fear. And paradoxically make it more likely.

But one thing you can say for Hillary Clinton, at least she never claimed to be Cherokee.


— Calling Warren Pocahontas is the Best Way to Fight Racism originally appeared at To The Point News.