by Charles Gordon
September 22, 2007

When Hillary Clinton pointedly refused to criticize the disgraceful ad in the New York Times which called General Petreaus a traitor, Rudy Giuliani’s campaign followed with its own ad bashing Hillary.

Rudy has his own problems but this is exactly what Republicans must do, before it’s too late.

Hillary Clinton was and remains a denizen of the hard left.  From her Yale Law School days defending radical causes to her rants about vast right-wing conspiracies against her husband, from her support of groups advocating the right to sue one’s parents to her efforts to socialize 1/7 of America’s economy, Mrs. Clinton has spent a lifetime exhibiting a worldview that mainstream America abhors.

There’s plenty to criticize so let the criticism begin.

Granted, Hillary wants to become president and knows she can’t until she feigns a move to the center.

But she can’t until she gets through the Democratic primaries, with its hordes of left-wing voters.  Until then, she is forced to stay where her heart truly is — with the MoveOn left.

Hence the opportunity….Between now and the end of the primaries, Hillary can be bashed as a leftist.  She can’t fight back because if she does, she will outrage the MoveOn Democratic base that will decide the outcome.

If and when she gets the nomination, she will attempt to move on from MoveOn and occupy the center.  She will likely succeed because millions of general election voters don’t pay attention to what candidates say in primaries.

So if Republicans and others want to stop Hillary, the time to begin is now.