by Newt Gingrich
April 14, 2018

My first reaction to fired FBI Director James Comey’s book is to demand that Rod Rosenstein release the still secret Comey memorandums. After seeing hundreds of pages of Comey’s self-serving version of reality, the American people deserve to see what he actually wrote at the time. I suspect it will undermine a lot of his case. In fact, it is hard to understand why Rosenstein is keeping these memos hidden – unless it weakens the deep state’s case against President Trump.

There are two striking things about the initial leaks of the Comey anti-Trump novel.

I call it a novel because it will be amazingly discredited after the elite media is done fawning over Comey and people actually look at what he wrote and how he positioned himself.

Before you believe what is written in Comey’s book, you should watch this video compiled by the Republican National Committee to remember what leading Democrats said about him in 2016.

Immediately after Comey announced that the FBI had reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails in late October, virtually every leading Democrat called him a disgrace and said that he should be fired or resign – from Nancy Pelosi to Chuck Schumer to Bernie Sanders to Harry Reid. Then, miraculously – after Trump fired him and Comey began to attack his former boss – Democrats suddenly considered him a saintly, loyal public servant.

Make no mistake, this book is a work of political fiction in which Saint Comey was perfect in his treatment of Hillary Clinton, perfect in his treatment of President Trump, and perfect in his reflection every time he looked in the mirror.

It is, of course, the angry diatribe of an embittered, fired employee. Anyone who has had to fire someone who was convinced they were right and you were wrong can appreciate the intensity of Comey’s anger. That intensity and that bitterness flows throughout the book.

Comey is a man who lied to Congress about never having leaked documents and then admitted a few weeks later that he had given documents to a college professor friend, specifically so this professor could pass the information to the media – in this case, the New York Times. He told Congress he did this so the media could demand a new independent counsel, who Comey was sure would be Robert Mueller.

Comey is a man who took a now totally discredited dossier written by Christopher Steele to the President and was surprised that the President was shaken by some of the viciously dishonest things written about him in it. Comey also had used this phony document to get a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) warrant to eavesdrop on Americans involved in the Trump campaign.

I am sure Comey will make a lot of money as anti-Trump media personalities swoon over him and anti-Trump elites rush to buy his book. Sadly, he will have tarnished the FBI and set a terrible precedent for future directors. After this, if you were president, would you confide in an office which could end up writing a vicious version of your conversations a year later?

Comey will go down in history as the most discredited director of the FBI we have ever had.

Remember that when you watch the self-serving interviews and fawning left-wing media reports.


— The Comey Book: Release the Still Secret Comey Memorandums originally appeared at Gingrich Productions.