September 9, 2015

You may remember the article we recently published demonstrating how far we’ve come in the battle against cancer. Intel and OHSU have designed a way to wage war on cancer by using Cloud Technology to create a database of every patient’s specific genomic trait and the type of care found to be most historically effective.

Eric Dishman writes on Intel’s Health & Life Sciences blog:

“The Collaborative Cancer Cloud is a precision medicine analytics platform that allows institutions to securely share patient genomic, imaging and clinical data for potentially lifesaving discoveries. It will enable large amounts of data from sites all around the world to be analyzed in a distributed way, while preserving the privacy and security of that patient data at each site.”

The lag time from diagnosis to mapping out a personalized road to recovery is less than a day. This is great news for the millions of people affected annually with a cancer diagnoses. This program, while still in its infant stages, isn’t far from being a reality for the masses, and is expected to be fully functional by 2020.