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Look What Happened When Trump Threw a Pebble at the Glass House

by Victor Davis Hanson May 31, 2018 The 75-year-old post-war order crafted by the United States after World War II is falling apart. Almost every major foreign-policy initiative of the last 16 years seems to have gone haywire.  And not because Trump wrecked it. Donald Trump’s presidency was a reflection, not a catalyst, of the demise of the foreign-policy status quo. Much of the world now already operates on premises that have little to do with official post-war institutions, customs, and traditions, which, however once successful, belong now to a bygone age. Take the idea of a Turkey as part...

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The EU’s Coup Against Democracy in Italy

by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard May 30, 2018 Italy’s pro-euro elites have overreached disastrously. President Sergio Mattarella has asserted the extraordinary precedent that no political movement or constellation of parties can ever take power if they challenge the orthodoxy of European monetary union. He has inadvertently framed events as a battle between the Italian people and an eternal ‘casta’ with foreign loyalties, playing straight into the hands of the insurgent Five Star ‘Grillini’ and anti-euro Lega nationalists. He unwisely invoked the specter of financial markets to justify his veto of euroskepticism. Taken together, his actions have made matters infinitely worse.  First the...

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Our Enemies are Economic Pygmies and Our President Knows It

by Richard Rahn May 29, 2018 The GDP of North Korea is less than half that of Fairfax County, Virginia, and only a little more than half of Vermont’s, which has less than 3 percent of the population of North Korea. Honduras is the second-poorest county in the Americas but it has a larger GDP than North Korea, despite having only one-third the population and more than three-and-a-half times the per capita income. Iran has a GDP smaller than either Virginia (despite having 10 times the population) or Belgium (with seven times the population). Russia has a GDP which is...

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2018: The Surprising Republican Opportunity

by Newt Gingrich May 26, 2018 Despite the Democratic hopes for a “blue wave”, there is good reason to be optimistic about Republicans’ chances in the 2018 midterm elections – and the 2020 elections as well. I think Republicans stand to gain four to six seats in the Senate, and while we may lose some seats in the House, we will still keep control. I think we could potentially do even better – and there are plenty of reasons to support this belief. Every Republican candidate should pay attention to – and be very encouraged by – the recent...

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In the Wake of Mass Shootings, Parents Reconsider Mass Schooling

by Kerry McDonald May 24, 2018 In the wake of recent tragic school shootings, anxious parents are contemplating homeschooling to protect their children. After February’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the Miami Herald reported that more parents were considering the homeschooling option. And after Friday’s disturbing school shooting in Sante Fe, Texas, a local ABC news affiliate in Alabama reported the increasing appeal of homeschooling. “If I had the time, I would teach my kids myself, and I would know that they’re safe,” a father of four told ABC station, WAAY31. A public school teacher interviewed by the channel disagreed with...

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