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The Trump-Saudi Plan for an Islamic Reformation

by Garth Kant August 10, 2018 President Donald Trump has a plan to defeat radical Islamic terrorism off the battlefield, judging from the publicly available evidence. The plan is simple, if extraordinarily ambitious: Reform Islam. More specifically, the aim is to induce Muslim leaders to reject jihad and terrorism, and to embrace and promote a moderate practice of Islam. Trump’s public calls for an end to Islamic terrorism made headlines, but largely unnoticed has been a larger and concerted plan to reform Islam by eliminating the root cause of such violence: the extremist ideology that fuels jihad. The president...

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The Switch That Never Happened: How the South Really Went Republican

This article is adapted from Dinesh D’Souza’s new book Death of a Nation, out July 31 from St. Martin’s Press. His movie of the same title opened nationwide on Friday, August 3.   by Dinesh D’Souza August 9, 2018 An interesting phenomenon in politics is the flip flop. What would cause a politician who takes a stand on an issue to reverse himself and take precisely the opposite stand on the same issue? Even more interesting is the about face or volte face. The volte face goes beyond the flip flop because it represents a total and usually lasting...

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Rebalancing China and Bracing for the Trade War

The only thing more ambitious than Beijing’s goals is its time frame.   by Phillip Orchard August 9, 2018 It has been 40 years since Deng Xiaoping launched China’s “reform and opening up” policy. By most metrics, China’s economic “miracle” has indeed been nothing short of preternatural, with some 800 million people rising out of poverty over the span of just a few generations and the country becoming an indispensable part of the global economy. But this growth happened neither evenly nor sustainably, and it’s running out of the sort of low-hanging fruits that fueled China’s rise. As a...

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The Elites’ War on Normal Americans

by Victor Davis Hanson August 8, 2018 Recently, Politico reporter Marc Caputo was angered at rude hecklers at a Trump rally who booed beleaguered CNN correspondent Jim Acosta. So Caputo tweeted of them, “If you put everyone’s mouths together in this video, you’d get a full set of teeth.” I suppose Caputo meant that Trump voters intrinsically lacked either the money to fix their teeth or the knowledge of the hygiene required to take care of them or the aesthetic sensitivity of how awful their mouths looked. Or Caputo was simply rehashing the stereotypes that he had seen on reality...

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Aging Is Transforming Our Healthcare System

by Patrick Cox August 5, 2018 Increasingly, my conversations with old friends center on their frustrations with our healthcare system. When I say “old friends,” by the way, I don’t mean that I’ve known them for a long time. I mean they are old. For example, I got an email just a few days ago from an old friend complaining about the one-week delay before he could get access to an MRI for a brain scan. He seemed to think the delay was evidence that the US needs true socialized medicine along the lines of the Canadian model. In...

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