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Right-to-Try Puts Patients Before Bureaucracy

Right-to-try isn’t about giving patients false hope; it’s about self-determination and respecting individual rights.   by Lindsay Marie February 24, 2018 The right-to-try discussion is heating up again after President Trump voiced his support for the measure during his State of the Union address. Right-to-try allows terminally ill patients to try potentially lifesaving medicines that have passed basic safety testing with the FDA but are not on pharmacy shelves yet. On Tuesday, February 5th, several hundred opponents of right-to-try sent a letter to the leaders of the House Energy and Commerce Committee expressing their strong opposition to the right-to-try legislation...

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The Rise and Fall of the Islamic State

This Islamic State may not last, but there is the possibility of a future Islamic State in the Middle East.   by George Friedman  Summary Shortly after New Year’s Day, 1924, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk – the father of the Republic of Turkey – traveled to the city of Izmir, on the coast of the Aegean Sea. His presidency, like the republic itself, was only a year old. Both had emerged from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire’s recent defeat in World War I, after which the empire had been dismembered by its enemies. This was a disgrace Ataturk meant...

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Could Driverless Trucks Actually Lead to More Trucking Jobs?

by David R. Henderson February 23, 2018 Timothy Taylor, aka The Conversable Economist, has an excellent post in which he reports on another study about whether driverless trucks could create more trucking jobs. I’ll quote a paragraph that Tim quotes from Uber Advanced Technologies Group: The biggest technical hurdles for self-driving trucks are driving on tight and crowded city streets, backing into complex loading docks, and navigating through busy facilities. At each of the local haul pick ups and drop offs, there will need to be loading and unloading. These maneuvers require skills that will be hard for self-driving trucks to match...

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US Frackers are the Skunks at the Putin-OPEC Garden Party

by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard February 23, 2018 The OPEC cartel is to forge a permanent alliance with a Russia-led bloc of producers by the end of the year, aiming to regain control of the world crude market with a super-combine of unprecedented scale and reach. Suhail al-Mazroui, OPEC’s president, said the two groups are working on a “framework partnership” that would tie them together closely in perpetuity after their current deal to cap production  jointly expires later this year. “We have built up enormous trust,” he told the International Petroleum Week forum being held in London now (2/20-22), an annual gathering of...

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Japan’s North Korea Strategy: A Solid Defense

Peripheral to the crisis on the Korean Peninsula, Japan is slowly building up military capabilities. by Phillip Orchard February 22, 2018 Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe isn’t having the best Olympics. Over the weekend, at a meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in ahead of the opening ceremonies, Abe’s goal was to secure a commitment that Seoul would resume joint military drills with the U.S. after the Paralympics end in March and to sustain sanctions pressure on Pyongyang, while refraining from spiking a 2015 accord intended to resolve lingering animosity over Japanese abuses in World War II. According to South...

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