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Investing in the Caucasus: Overcoming Modern Myths

by Yuri Vanetik December 7, 2018 In Greek mythology, the Caucasus were one of the “pillars” supporting the world. The diverse wonderous region was central to world culture: the place where fire was forged, the site of the mystic mountains, and the place where Jason and the Argonauts sailed to seek the Golden Fleece. While these fantastic origins once defined the border of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, the Caucasus of today, situated between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, is one of the world’s most overlooked areas for investment thanks to some very different modern myths. Western investors,...

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Space News Roundup – December 1, 2018

InSight mission lands safely on Mars after “seven minutes of terror”; PLUS, Branson says Virgin Galactic will take people to space “by Christmas”; BFR becomes “Starship”; NASA considers its own space tourism business; Space Force progress; Nine companies racing to the Moon; and more.

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Space News Roundup – November 18, 2018

SpaceX delivers the first of 12,000 satellites for its global internet service; PLUS: Air Force explores space-based cargo operations; NASA’s no-sonic-boom supersonic X-Plane; Commercial spaceplanes at Cape Canaveral; a new space medicine hub at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville; Airships on Venus; and more.

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Brazil’s New Leader Strives to Break Old Patterns

Jair Bolsonaro hopes to pull the country out of economic crisis and political scandal with ambitious reform initiatives. It won’t be easy.   by Allison Fedirka November 8, 2018 Summary Brazil punches well below its weight class in the geopolitical ring. It is the world’s fifth-largest country by landmass and by population, and at $1.91 trillion, its economy ranks ninth globally. But political turmoil and structural economic issues have prevented the country from making the most of its size and abundant resources. Though high commodity prices fueled a boom in its economy during the 2000s, Brazil failed to turn its...

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Revenge of the White Woman

by Alexandra DeSanctis November 8, 2018 In the wake of the elections, progressives are accusing white women of betraying the sisterhood. Amid the inevitable outrage fest touched off by the election results, hardcore partisans on the left solidified around one particular angry narrative: If and when Democrats lose, it is because white women remain insufficiently woke. The Usual Suspects crafted this argument around exit polls of the Senate race in Texas, which revealed that white women broke for Republican incumbent Ted Cruz by a significant margin — 60 percent cast ballots for him rather than for Robert Francis O’Rourke (“Beto”...

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