by Rod D. Martin
July 21, 2018

The pro-abortion (and pro-One Child Policy) left has been scaremongering the “settled science” of overpopulation since at least Paul Ehrlich’s hysterical 1968 prediction of imminent global famine and civilizational collapse. They’re married to that myth, and won’t give it up easily.

But as readers of know, I’ve been showing you for years now why depopulation is coming, and in many places is already here. And that is a real crisis, bringing massive economic and geopolitical disruption for which the world — desperately fighting the myth of overpopulation — is wholly unprepared.

Why does the left love these myths? They provide pretexts for giant, global socialist “solutions”, the only “solutions” in which they’re ever interested.

Don’t buy it when they start trying to solve the negative effects of depopulation the same way. Capitalist innovation will be the cure, just as it was for the “settled science” of “Peak Oil” (which, in America, is also radically reducing carbon emissions, vs. all the Paris Accord countries whose emissions just keep rising).

But know what’s coming. This Axios piece (a mere 542 words, will brilliant charts) should not only help get you quickly up to speed: it should also tell you that the “overpopulation consensus” is finally breaking.


AXIOS Special report: The aging, childless future
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— The Aging, Childless Future originally appeared at as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.