by Rod D. Martin
February 25, 2008


Russian, Danish and Canadian climatologists have long been saying that “global warming” existed but wasn’t due to man: in their view, it was the consequence of an active sunspot cycle, and it was crazy to believe that man’s comparatively miniscule actions had anything to do with it. (Note that the fact that I can write this paragraph by itself disproves the official Gore-approved dogma that “the scientific community is unanimous” in its support of his global warming claims.)

Well, it looks like the skeptics could be right about that sunspot cycle thing. The sun just entered it’s sleepiest phase in a century and half, and guess what? Snow cover over North America, China and Siberia are at record highs, the Arctic ice (we were told on countless magazine covers this fall that it would all melt soon, possibly in just five years) is now at record extent and thickness, and all of this follows similar data from the Southern Hemisphere all last summer (winter down South).

The last time the sunspot cycle went into similar form, the world endured a five century-long “Little Ice Age”.  It will be pretty funny if, before the five years designated for the North Pole to become subtropical, Al Gore is demanding global socialism to increase carbon emissions. We shall see.

Oh, and be sure to read about the debunking of the climate theory in The Day After Tomorrow. Just more proof that, while Green is good, man is a lot smaller than leftists like to think.