by Rod D. Martin
May 25, 2007

Over the past several weeks, tens of thousands of you have helped us fax, call and write Congress to stop the Pelosi-Murtha Preemptive Surrender Bill.

Well, yesterday you won.  And so did America.

In the face of all your opposition, Democrats blinked, selling out their MoveOn buddies.  Senate and House leaders caved to reality, pulled Pelosi’s “Preemptive Surrender Bill”, and
instead passed a bill that funds the Iraq War through the end of the fiscal year and does not include a withdrawal timetable.

Famed columnist Bob Novak put it this way: “Democrats felt they could not afford the risk of letting a war in progress run out of money. The Democrats’ problem is that this demonstrates conclusively that they are all talk on the Iraq War — a fact that their base will quickly realize.”

The votes were 280-142 in the House, and 80-14 in the Senate.  Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama voted against funding our troops in the field, even while most of their peers voted right.

Why did they do that?  Simple:  they’re terrified of MoveOn.  They know that their far left “friends” will do all they can to ruin their Presidential hopes if they don’t sell out American troops to al Qaeda.  The “Blame America First” crowd’s appetite for defeat is insatiable, and they have the power to pull Presidential candidates’ strings.

Because of this, the fight is far from over.  The Democrats have squandered their majority in the months they’ve had it — passing only 26 bills in five months, half of which were to rename federal buildings — but they will continue to come back again and again on this because they are beholden to the net hippies.  We will have to fight them repeatedly if we want America to really win instead of just tuck tail.

But we will fight.  And like this time, we will win.

So the bottom line is simple.  The extreme left cannot have its way with America if you stand up.  We can win.  And what we can win in Washington, we can win across America and overseas as well.

Thank you to everyone who did anything in this fight.  You made the difference.  Not for us, but for America.  When we stand together, there’s nothing we can’t do.