by Rod D. Martin
August 4, 2013

For years now, I have been trying to explain to stupid Republicans why, “if voters want a liberal, they’ll vote for a real one” (i.e., a Democrat). Now, alas, it seems that Millennials are having to explain to stupid pastors why, if they want a “cool” church, they’ll generally choose no church at all.

You just can’t out-world the world.  And let’s be honest:  the mere act of the church generally or a pastor specifically doing anything makes it thereby uncool.

The church doesn’t need to be cool.  The church is the church.  And Millennials crave authenticity and truth even more than they like cool.

Three great articles — by Millennials — on this point.  Please read:

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The Church Failed Millennials, Just Not In the Way You Think It Did

Food for thought.