by Rod D. Martin
September 16, 2018

On camera, this Weather Channel “reporter” was struggling to stand upright, bracing against the storm that was threatening his life and about to blow him away. He was a hero — much like Cory Booker the other day — braving certain doom to “get the truth out”.

And then the camera panned slightly right, catching these two other guys casually strolling by. No serious wind, no life-threatening anything. The reporter is literally faking news.

That’s the Weather Channel — AKA the Global Warming Channel. And they do it year after year: the stories (and embarrassing proofs) are endless. They fake any lie they think will improve their ratings (i.e., ad dollars) or advance their propaganda position.

Why would we believe them again?

But of course they’re not the only ones. Ask my friend Lance Fairchok, who has reams of photos of reporters faking the photos you actually saw. My personal favorite is one in which a major network photographer showed you a shot of Lebanese rubble with a child’s toy in it, “proving” the evil Israelis had murdered children. But unbeknownst to that Goebbels disciple, someone caught a shot of him — just seconds before — carefully placing the toy in the rubble.

This happens all the time. Your “objective” news organizations manipulate photography to lie to you.

Again, why would we trust them?

If you can’t independently verify it, assume the person on television has an agenda, and you’re the mark.



— The Weather Channel — AKA the Global Warming Channel originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.