by Rod D. Martin
March 26, 2018

Oh, and since several of you have asked, here’s my take on the #StormyDaniels “60 Minutes” interview.

I am now, for the first time, convinced Daniels never had sex with Donald Trump at all (note that even she claims she only slept with him once, which is a far cry from the multi-year affair she’d pretended previously. I don’t think even that much ever happened).

But here’s what did happen, from her own words, shorn of all the self-serving bunk.

1. Daniels lobbied to get on The Apprentice. She continued doing so for quite some time.

2. Once rebuffed, Daniels started claiming embarrassing things in public, which drew a swift, harsh response from Trump’s lawyers.

3. Daniels backed down, but pulled this stunt a few more times over the years, enough to eventually get noticed by opposition researchers in late 2016 (who were desperate for a knock-out blow right before the general election).

4. Somewhat cash-strapped at the time and figuring she had one shot to leverage the election, Daniels decided blackmailing Trump’s legal team was a less-risky play than potentially drawing a defamation suit from them. So she took the relatively paltry $130K they offered (which was all the Trump team was willing to pay for silence about something they knew to be false) rather than going for the much bigger bucks available from the tabloids or networks.

5. Something changed in the last few months, making it more lucrative for this actual, literal whore to break her NDA. What changed isn’t clear, but she was asked about this quite directly and her answer was a dodge, so you can bet it involves a lot of money.

Again, listening to her interview, it seems clear to me that even the one (not several, not years-worth: one) sexual encounter Daniels claims took place never happened. This is a scam, playing on the relative believability of Trump-as-bad-boy, to gain cash and notoriety, in the middle of her nationwide strip club tour, and no doubt from the perspective of whomever may be paying her, in the middle of the need for a distraction from the fact that the #FakeRussiaScandal is coming up with nothing.

Nothing I’m saying here should be taken as a statement of whether I think Donald Trump might or might not have done bad things in his past. I’m quite sure he has, because he says he has. Rather, this is my assessment of whether he did this particular thing. I don’t think he did. And this seems to be the other side’s best shot.

But even if you think I’m wrong, just remember that your basis for your belief is the word of a porn star, with no supporting evidence and a self-stated motive for lying.

Bottom line: Stormy Daniels didn’t get to “have her way with” Donald Trump by getting on The Apprentice. And so now, she’s engaging in fantasy #RevengePorn.

What a shock.


— The Stormy Daniels “60 Minutes” Interview originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.