by Rod D. Martin
August 11, 2021

A friend of mine clearly has COVID: she’s exhausted, has lost taste and smell, etc.  

For complicated reasons, she had five COVID tests in the last few days. Two came back positive, three negative.

But #FollowTheScience, right? 

The religion of Scientism is widespread now. Its priests (like Fauci) can do no wrong, and are never wrong, no matter how many times they’re actually wrong, how many times they contradict themselves, or how many blatant hypocrisies they indulge.

“Scientists can’t be wrong!” (Narrator: Science is a process and is constantly wrong, no matter how much it gets right.)

Or worse and more pervasive, but left unspoken: “Scientists would never have an agenda, be subject to corruption, or lie!”

Who funds their work? And are they not subject to fallenness? Are they not subject to the fallacies of their presuppositions, or the limitations of their tools, like other people? Are they really an incorruptible priesthood devoted exclusively to truth?

Whose “truth”?

The Christian knows, and everyone may observe, that all are fallen. They are not merely frequently incorrect factually: they are always corrupt, at least to some degree, in their motives.

That’s why limited government with multiple layers of checks and balances matters.

Men always believe in neutral authorities — who will be fair, by which they always mean “fair to me” — because that’s their understanding of parents and teachers when they’re very young.

When those authorities fail them, they respond in rage and brokenness, but rarely shake their belief that even higher authorities won’t be subject to such flaws.

But the higher you go, the worse it gets. Because “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

”Only God is exempt. But He’s the one Authority they can’t escape or play, and against Whom they are born in rebellion.

Like Eve, they’re looking to play lesser authorities against greater. They start pitting Mom against Dad from the beginning. They likewise put government against God, and against other authorities (church, family, etc.), to get their way.

So where one might think they’d believe in the highest authority, it’s quite the opposite.

They hold the highest authority responsible for everything that ever went wrong with their lesser authorities, while still holding a childlike faith in higher and higher lesser authorities who “won’t fail them”, “this time.

”It’s irrational, emotional, and…predictable.

This is why human societies trend toward the totalitarian. The masses seek a governmental parent who will “make the world safe”. And those wiser (of a worldly, selfish wisdom) take advantage of them, playing the role of the serpent, and make themselves “like God”.

Even faith in God does not entirely break this cycle. But it is no accident that only Christendom abolished slavery and built modern free societies. It took a while, but uniquely, they did.

And as Christianity is more and more virulently rejected in favor of an anti-rational tribalism, the new-old god necessarily takes its place.

In creating a postmodern, post-truth, anti-rational society, that was, after all, the intent all along.

So of course we’ve replaced the Scientific Method (brought to you by Christians like Isaac Newton) with the worship of “Science” and it’s infallible priesthood.

The aim was always an elite of unquestionable Earthly authorities. Because man longs for the state to be god.

And as much as the unsaved masses wish for a Pharaoh or Augustus or Palpatine to “make everything safe”, Pharaoh and Augustus and Palpatine — and their many minions — long for it even more. And they’ll lie to you to get it, time after time after time.

The Religion of Scientism originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.