by Rod D. Martin
November 7, 2018

So this morning we’re exactly where I left off last night (which is exactly as I expected). Arizona and Montana still too close to call, but Republicans leading. There’s a very good chance we’ll end up at 55 Senate seats, up from 51, and a tie with our high in modern times.

That means the absolute first, second, tenth and twentieth priority of conservatism — today as two years ago — gets done: confirming enough judges to turn back the cultural (and actual) Marxist stranglehold on key courts; and possibly, to lock in a Constitutionalist majority on the Supreme Court for a long, long time.

That is the life-or-death mission we had in 2016 and still have. It is through leftwing judges who not only ignore but openly disdain our system and our Constitution that the left has implemented much of its agenda, and was about to end our system and gut the First and Second Amendments completely two years ago.

They won’t get that chance now, at least for quite a while. Donald Trump’s record on judges is the best of any President’s, and now he has a far better Senate — quantitatively and qualitatively — with which to continue.

Losing the House is tough. But winning key Governorships we were supposed to lose — especially in big states like Florida and Georgia — sets the Dems back in key ways compared to where they thought they would be. And our House losses were less than the worst I’ve been predicting (and vastly less than the #BlueWave narrative claimed: I told you why that was bunk, and it was).

So all-in-all, by historical standards, we had a good night. Obama lost 63 seats in 2010. Clinton lost 54 in 1994. Those were waves.

This is a set-back. And it’s one we’ll overturn in two years.


Election 2018 originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.