by Rod D. Martin
May 23, 2021

Fascism, of which Naziism (an abbreviation of “National Socialism”) is a subset, is not “right wing”. Fascism is that variant of Marxism which, instead of taking all your stuff directly, leaves you the illusion of ownership while actually controlling everything you do with everything you have.

Hitler left legal ownership of every German company in private hands, while taking control of their boards of directors and management. This is exactly what the Chinese Communist Party does. This is what the ESG movement seeks to do here. And all three seek to regulate every area of life in every absurd detail.

So yes, the left calling you a “Nazi” is projection. And yes, Nazis — like Hamas and BDS and Antifa and their supporters — still hate Jews. Hate them to death.

I keep telling you: #AllSocialistsAreTheSame

The Left Calling You a “Nazi” is Projection originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.