by Rod D. Martin
September 1, 2017

This week, the Snowflake Brigade won one in anti-American L.A. this week, when the Los Angeles City Council officially renamed Columbus Day “Indigenous Peoples Day”.

There’s nothing wrong, of course, with celebrating everyone’s cultural heritage: this is America, and we do a lot of that.

What is wrong is two-fold: the left’s continued Cultural Revolution, not at all unlike ISIS’s destruction of Palmyra or the Taliban’s blowing up the Buddhas of Bamiyan; and the diminution of one of the greatest men of all time, Christopher Columbus, Admiral of the Ocean Sea.

Time does not permit doing justice to Columbus’ achievements. But suffice it to say, you wouldn’t be here had he not lived. And neither would many of the complaining “indigenous peoples”.

Why? Because if they were unfortunate enough to live under the supposedly magnificent Aztec “civilization”, they would probably be human sacrifices. If they lived in the Caribbean Basin, they would likely be enslaved or murdered if men, caged and raped if women, their offspring eaten by the captors.

Across the hemisphere, this is the sort of idyllic culture Western contact ended.

Even if we take the leftists accusations seriously, they are senseless. Did the Spanish practice slavery? Yes: so did the natives. Did the Spanish murder their enemies? Yes: and many of the natives killed their own people as well. Did the Spanish raid and conquer? The natives did little else.

Thus the question becomes whether one group did anything more praiseworthy than the other. And of course one did: one ended most of the other’s barbarity. And one expanded the bounds of human civilization forever.

Columbus had little to do with the former, but everything to do with the latter: it was his vision and his personal courage that ended the Middle Ages and created the modern world. Any “indigenous people” who enjoys human rights, modern medicine, a regular food supply and indoor plumbing should thank him daily.

The Los Angeles City Council has no interest in any of that, because in standard freeloader fashion, they benefit from Columbus’s legacy without cost to themselves. So in disgust at their endlessly calling good evil and evil good, I hereby proclaim Christopher Columbus our Hero of the Millennium.

You may now feel free to riot, as usual.