by Rod D Martin
December 10, 2019

Jerry Nadler has announced two articles of impeachment: (1) abuse of power and (2) obstruction of Congress.

What does this tell us? That all the many things Democrats and the Enemedia told us were impeachable, from November 9, 2016 until literally yesterday, were lies. 

Even Pelosi and Nadler don’t believe Trump colluded with Russia. Even they don’t believe he committed treason. Even they don’t believe Mueller found any case for obstruction of justice (the “obstruction” for which they wish to impeach him is the relatively novel “obstruction of Congress”, heretofore known as “executive privilege” and “separation of powers”).

They also don’t believe the other things they’ve claimed were impeachable. They don’t believe he improperly tried to get James Comey to drop his investigation of Michael Flynn. They don’t believe he tried to intimidate witnesses. They don’t believe he’s violated the Emoluments Clause. They don’t believe he’s improperly promoted his hotels. They don’t believe he called on Russia to hack Hillary’s email. They don’t believe there was anything wrong with the Trump Tower meeting.

They don’t believe he’s “advocated political and police violence”. They don’t believe he’s invited insurrection. They don’t believe he’s suppressed freedom of the press. They don’t believe he’s violated the law with regard to his National Emergency Declaration to build the wall. They don’t believe he’s violated the rights of illegal aliens or asylum seekers. 

They don’t believe he’s violated campaign finance laws, even after getting Michael Cohen to plead guilty to a “violation” that wasn’t actually illegal. They got that to stick because it was a guilty plea with no trial. They know in a trial — before the Senate or in court — the charge would just be dismissed.

The Democrats don’t even believe— after all of them said they did on camera for the last few weeks — that the President attempted to “bribe” or “extort” the President of Ukraine!

For three long years we’ve been breathlessly told by senior Democrats and the Enemedia that all of these things and more were clearcut impeachable offenses. And yet, when push comes to shove, even they have not the slightest interest in pursuing any of them. Because they always knew they were lying, and always knew they could make no such case.

So what are they left with? On what basis will they impeach him? “Abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress”, two intentionally vague ideas that add up to “we don’t like him”.

Folks, “we don’t like him” is what elections are for. We have separate co-equal branches of government, not a Prime Minister subject to votes of no confidence from an unhappy House.

The Clinton impeachment was a political mistake, but at least it was based on actual, established crimes (for which Bill Clinton was disbarred by a unanimous, Democrat Arkansas Supreme Court). If impeachment is now just “we don’t like him”, the future of American politics is about to become very ugly and unstable, in a way more familiar to Third World countries.

But never mind that.

Today’s real revelation, the big takeaway, is that Democrats don’t believe that ANY of the things they’ve claimed were “clearly impeachable” for the last three years actually were.

That tells you how corrupt they — and the media — have truly become, and how totalitarian they would be if given power.

But it’s also an extraordinary vindication, of President Donald J. Trump. The President was innocent of all these things all along. 

And he’s all that’s standing between us and them.

The Bogus Trump Impeachment originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.