by Rod D. Martin
January 11, 2007

Dick Morris rightly lambastes the Dumocrats for their latest broken promise in this column originally posted on Drudge.  The five-day work week was a centerpiece of the Dems’ 2006 campaign (however dishonestly:  Congress does work five days a week and often more; they simply don’t schedule floor votes every day), a blatant and successful attempt to score cheap propaganda points against an unpopular Republican leadership.

Well, on the first working day of the new D Congress, guess what:  Harry Reid and Steny Hoyer send everyone home for the football game.  And it gets worse:  Democrats will not have a full five-day week this entire month.

Add it to the lengthening list of lies (kind of like back in 1993, when after an entire Presidential campaign featuring his promise of a middle class tax cut, Bill Clinton — in his third week in office — went on national television, said he’d “never worked harder” on anything than figuring out to give them his promise, but in fact the tax cut was out, and a new massive tax hike was in).

In fact, that 1993 analogy isn’t so far off.  On their first day of actual votes, Pelosi’s crowd repealed a Republican-installed House rule requiring a 3/5 majority vote for tax increases.  The new rule allows tax hikes with just 51%.

Now why ever do you think they did that?  😉