by Rod D. Martin
January 2, 2007

The Associated Press got around to noticing yesterday that America’s death toll is unbelievably low compared to all past wars, just 3,000 after four years compared to 58,000 in Vietnam or 20,000 in just one battle (the Battle of the Bulge) in World War II (and let’s not even think about the Civil War).

Of course as soon as they notice they go straight into spin.  And in noticing, they fail to mention that the reason for this discontent is simple:  the media has spent every single day of the last four years hyping these casualties as if three million had died, not three thousand.

But in fact, the truth is all too clear:  it has taken four years, the fall of not one but two unbelievably evil regimes (in Iraq and Afghanistan), the liberation of 50 million people, and all the foreign terrorists al Qaeda and Iran can muster to bring U.S. war casualties up to the level of innocent U.S. civilians Osama’s thugs killed on just one day back in September 2001.

The leftists in America’s media conglomerates continue to push the lie that these deaths are “unacceptably high”.  In fact, they are the most astonishing story in history, not unlike the lopsided wins of the Israelites in Canaan.  We have prevented foreign terrorists from striking America for over five years while killing their minions, taking their bases, and tying them down over there, all at the lowest human cost to ourselves in the history of warfare.

That should be the headline virtually every day.  But don’t hold your breath.  And don’t believe the headlines these Goebbels-clones do run.