by Rod D. Martin
March 5, 2008

…not that that’s shocking. But for Democrats to claim that his telling Republicans to go vote for Hillary in the Democrat primary is “ungentlemanly” or “a perversion of the process” is the height of hypocrisy.

This is not just because the Dems and their media allies have been glowing (for years) about the supposed “bipartisanship” of Democrats and Independents voting in our primaries, for Bob Dole, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, or whomever else the left may think easiest to beat come November. It’s also because Democrat state legislatures have for years been loosening the rules requiring that only party members could vote in their party’s primary, even to the point of trying to utterly eliminate party primaries in states like California and Louisiana.

Why? Because it’s easier to manipulate the outcome that way, especially in states with historically large Democrat majorities. And its easier for the media to have its way too.

Rush was just giving them a dose of their own medicine (and isn’t it funny that they’re hacked because he turned out votes for Hillary Clinton?!). But the real point is that party primaries are where party members are supposed to select their own party’s nominee. All this talk of “bipartisanship” is the real “perversion of the process”, and the Dems have been doing it for years.

So maybe the “Limbaugh effect” — combined with the fact that Louisiana just elected Bobby Jindal governor — can help focus these hypocritical leftists. Change the laws: require closed party primaries in which only the party’s members get to choose their candidate. Everyone gets to decide within their own group, and then everyone gets to decide together in November. Anything less is, and always has been, anti-democratic. The left just doesn’t like that small “d”.