by Rod D. Martin
September 18, 2018

Now this article from The Hill is exactly what I’ve been warning you about all year:

“Fifty-seven percent of people who identified as strong Trump supporters said Democrats don’t have a chance to win big, while 37 percent believe they do, according to the poll.”

It’s not that they’re wrong: most of the public polls you’re seeing that suggest a #BlueWave are badly flawed. We really ought to win.

But we’re going to lose — and lose ugly — if Republicans are complacent. This year is all about turnout. Show up, or hand the House — and the country — to Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi.

That means impeachment. That means our agenda stopped in its tracks for at least two years, maybe forever (no kidding). And that will all happen if we don’t all do our part.

Go vote. And take friends. And give money. This is the “hard work of freedom.” And it isn’t that hard, considering the reward, and considering that freedom is actually on the line.


— RNC Internal Poll Finds GOP in Danger originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.