by Rod D. Martin
August 21, 2018

Quick takes on Manafort and Cohen:

Manafort was found guilty of…stuff that had absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump, or even the 2016 election. This is a sick joke.

Cohen was threatened by Mueller with about 300+ years in prison, and offered a way out if he’d testify against Trump. So he did. Absolutely everyone on both sides says he’s a liar, so he’s not a credible witness. And we know he has no evidence (other than his own coerced “word”) because the President voluntarily waived attorney-client privilege. That never would have happened if Cohen had anything.

The Enemedia is having its predictable field day. But this is actually the final, pathetic shred of an investigation that has found absolutely nothing against Donald Trump, and finally manufactured something — something that will go nowhere against the President, and that has nothing to do with Russia — just so Mueller could save face.



— Quick Takes on Manafort and Cohen originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.