by Rod D. Martin
August 3, 2006

Earlier today, I sent this out to a few of our friends regarding Sherri’s breast cancer surgery. For those of you who don’t know her, Sherri is not only my wife but also Co-Chairman of TheVanguard.Org and the most saintly woman I have ever known. Please keep her in your prayers.

Two months earlier than originally planned, Sherri will have surgery tomorrow morning.

This is very good news. Four chemotherapy treatments into her course, the tumor has shrunk significantly. So far, there is no indication that the cancer has spread, and while she will still face four additional chemos after surgery as well as radiation (not to mention reconstructive surgery after that), this is a big and very positive step for which we are most grateful.

Nevertheless, we do very much need your continued prayers at this time. Anytime anyone goes under the knife, there is tremendous risk involved. Moreover, while the indications are good, there is no guarantee that things are exactly as we think they are, and more testing is definitely required. And of course, recovery from surgery is no small thing, and as already stated, Sherri will plunge straight from recovery into additional chemotherapy.

Having said all this, Sherri’s spirits are high, and she remains the sweet, content child of God you know so well. Though she’s not allowed to go to church (due to the risk of infection with her depressed white cell count), she listens to more sermons each week than I can count, and she is turning her PowerBook into a nerve center of ministry. It is a marvel to see, a great blessing, and a tremendous example to us all.

We are very grateful for your friendship; and our hope is in Him Who heals both the body and the soul. Thank you so much for your kindness toward us in this time. Do not think it will ever be forgotten.

The covenant holds,
Rod, for Sherri, Dolly, Archer and Haley