by Rod D. Martin
November 28, 2006

Under intense pressure from all sides, Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi today dropped her bid to make impeached (for bribery!) federal judge turned Congressman Alcee Hastings chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

Hastings — one of only three federal judges to be impeached and removed from office in the entire 20th century, and that by his fellow Democrats (including Pelosi) — was Pelosi’s top pick for the post, which oversees all of the nation’s top secrets and plays a key role in directing U.S. intelligence efforts and the war on terror.

This makes Pelosi’s second high profile loss since the November 7 elections.  Earlier, she had tried to impose ABSCAM unindicted co-conspirator John Murtha on her caucus as the new House Majority Leader, over the more senior (and as it turns out, vastly more popular) Steny Hoyer.  ABSCAM was a 1979-1980 FBI sting operation against Congressmen seeking bribes from Arab sheiks.

The very fact that these men remain in public life is a scandal.  Pelosi’s commitment to them demonstrates clearly what her idea of an “ethical Congress” is:  leaders on the take, where possible from our enemies.  There’s a reason these people want to cut-and-run in Iraq.  It isn’t an honorable one.

One has to note though:  to the immense credit of the House Democrats, they have now rejected not one but two attempts by Nancy Pelosi to establish Tammany Hall on Capitol Hill.  This is good news for America.  It would be better news to be able two years from now to send these corrupt collaborationists packing.

(Oh, one more thing:  can you imagine the hue and cry in the media — both this month and in two years and every point in between — had George Bush or Mitch McConnell tried something like this?   Watch closely to see how quickly this incident is forgotten, to the minimal degree it’s being covered at all.)