(The following was originally a Facebook comment, posted Dec. 30, 2011.)

by Rod D. Martin
December 30, 2011

You greatly underestimate the “Muslim yahoos” — whose elite have mostly been trained at Oxford and Cambridge and the Ivy League anyway — and greatly overestimate the Rothschilds. PLEASE don’t go off and live in Conspiracyville. There’s no good way out of that town.

Nevertheless, God knows you’re right to harbor suspicion of big businessmen, big bankers and so forth. While this should not preclude you from remembering that there are other enemies with other motives too (the Japanese were considered technologically backward yahoos right before they blew up Pearl Harbor, and even if you want to blame that on FDR, there’s no question they weren’t yahoos and weren’t backward), nevertheless be certain of this: that man is fallen, that he sins by nature, that his primary motive in doing so — like Eve in the Garden — is to be his own law maker, his own standard, in short, his own god. The poorest act on this impulse daily: the rich are no more or less guilty. But the bigger the corporation, the bank or the government, the more able it is to make its rules stick, and the more able it is also to undermine others to its own gain.

If anyone here should take issue with my explicitly Christian reasoning, than ignore it, and believe Adam Smith, who was no friend of giant businesses. Indeed, he taught specifically in the Wealth of Nations that two businessmen need only meet by chance in a pub and their conversation will immediately turn to some conspiracy to restrain trade and gain monopoly. That’s why, in America, we have literally outlawed such conversations!

Capitalism and freedom are inherently intertwined. One cannot exist without the other. But capitalism is not the philosophy of big business. Not at all. Capitalism is the philosophy of the common man who wishes a chance to rise. And the principle reason to have government — other than defending the borders and securing the streets — is to level the playing field so they MAY rise! All other courses lead to socialism, or worse, feudalism.

Don’t get caught up in worrying about grand conspiracies. Remember first that all men always conspire; and second, that all men, being corrupt, tend to stab their co-conspirators first. But do recognize that this is the nature of men, and therefore of government and business. What can we do about it? Two things. First, construct a Republic based on ordered liberty which diffuses power as broadly as possible so as to minimize everyone’s power to act in corruption; and which is purposed to diffuse power in society broadly in favor of full and unfettered competition. And second, trust not in men but in Christ, and preach Him to all flesh, for greater is He Who is in you than he who is in the world; and He has overcome all the world’s powers, and turns the hearts of kings in His hand, forever.