by Rod D. Martin
January 25, 2018

This article confirms my thesis for almost two decades at that oil is vastly more plentiful than anyone has thought, that American energy independence (or as President Trump now seeks, “energy dominance”) is completely possible, and that even progress toward that hurts all the right U.S. enemies.

How much progress have we made? From the article: “The results are historic. In October, American net imports of crude and refined products dropped below 2.5 million barrels a day, the lowest since official data were first collected in 1973. A decade ago, U.S. net oil imports stood at more than 12 million barrels a day.”

And remember: the left said it could never go up, it would only go down, and oil was about to disappear entirely. And even after that proved stupid, remember their campaign slogan: “You can’t just drill your way to lower prices.” Which was just as transparently dishonest as “Freedom is Slavery” or “If you like your doctor you can keep him.”

So what does liberal Bloomberg see as “the dark side of America’s rise to oil superpower”? That oil isn’t going away any time soon, and the global warming monster might eat us. And yet, the article doesn’t breathe a word of how burning American oil makes anything different than burning Saudi oil or Russian oil. Well, except for this: that burning American oil is “much cleaner”!.

Wow. Some “dark side” huh?

The Dark Side of America’s Rise to Oil Superpower
Image linked to Bloomberg article


— Oil is Vastly More Plentiful Than Anyone Has Thought originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.