by Rod D. Martin
March 17, 2007

…and the vast majority of them believe it’s biased toward the left. A new Zogby poll finds that 83 percent of likely voters the media is biased, 97 percent of Republicans believe the media pushes a leftist agenda — two-thirds of independents agree with them — and almost a fifth of Democrats admit it too.

Oh, and more than a quarter say that the mainstream media’s new use of blogs is just a way to push a political agenda they couldn’t as easily push through their normal outlets. We would speculate that it’s only “more than a quarter” because all those other people realize the MSM doesn’t need a blog to push its agenda.

Technology is sweeping the old media paradigm away, but the old media is destroying itself in the process. How many Dan Rather forgery scandals does it take to convince people the media has no scruples? Best we can see, not too many.

Now we just have to help them quit listening at all.