by Rod D. Martin
March 26, 2007

It stands to reason that, if you were a scientist, and if therefore you believed in looking at all possibilities and investigating all known evidence before coming to a conclusion, one of the things you might do — if you believed Earth was getting warmer — would be to determine whether other planets nearby were doing the same thing.

Because if they are, that would make any warming part of a vastly bigger trend — maybe even a more dangerous one, maybe even one requiring all sorts of socialist responses to try to mitigate; and if those other planets aren’t getting warmer, then you’d know something Earthly was responsible.

Well, guess what. Those other planets are getting warmer.

Now how did SUVs manage that?

Who knows how significant any of this is? (I say this because the scientists who are supposedly “protecting” us with all their bloviating are ignoring this completely, so if the Sun were about to explode they would tell you the warmth you feel is because George Bush hates “the children”.) Maybe it means we’ll all be incinerated by tomorrow. If we trust Al Gore’s buddies to tell us, we won’t know till we all start feeling like hot dogs and need our SPF 5000.

But chances are that the reality is more prosaic, as in fact is true about “global” warming too (Al Gore adamantly claims a 20 foot rise in sea levels is almost irrevocably certain, whereas the UN panel on global warming, the New York Times, et al. point out that even the most alarmist scientists only claim 23 inches — less than 2 feet — and many scientists expect none). The Sun isn’t too likely to burn us to a crisp; but it might very well be in the midst of a regular cycle of activity, one such as that described at length in this documentary.

That would explain a great deal about why the Martian South Poe’s ice cap has been shrinking for the past several years, or why Jupiter and even incredibly distant Pluto have been warming as well (thank you NASA for pointing this out: maybe you should pass it along to this guy).

Remember: the issue isn’t primarily whether there’s any global warming, an issue too lofty and complicated for laymen to really answer (in fact, there’s now a scientific debate about whether the concept of a global temperature has any meaning at all). The question is and always has been whether YOU are causing it. The logical leap is all the way to your personal responsibility, because if you are responsible, supposedly you can change it by heaping socialist regulations and global taxes on yourself. That’s the key. That and the fact that climate science — an historically underfunded area — is now booming, with research grants for anyone who’ll claim to be studying global warming.

So whether the other planets are warming too is a serious question: if they are, the entire political edifice of international socialism’s pet issue collapses, because solar activity is definitely not caused by the internal combustion engine. It does happen that we are nearing the high point of a major solar cycle: it’s going to be pretty funny in a few years when all these folk’s thermometers start going down.

Oh, one last thing: props to Fred Thompson for picking up on this before most people (and to for pointing it out). Read his quote: it’s hilarious.