by Rod D. Martin
May 31, 2020

More thoughts on the riots:

Note that these riots only and always happen in Democrat-run cities, and the Democrat governments always follow this playbook. In Baltimore, the mayor actually said she was ordering the cops to stand down so the rioting would have safe space in which to work itself out.

Uh, those are innocent lives and their property you’re letting these terrorists destroy, lady. To “work out their rage”.

Rioting isn’t protest. Rioting isn’t protected by the First Amendment. Rioters aren’t sympathetic figures. Rioters are terrorists and should be dealt with accordingly. They are not normal criminals. They are rioting to advance a political point just like Hamas or al Qaeda. And their message is simple: give us what we want or die.

The Democrats are every bit as much for this and enabling of this today as they were in 1968.

And my guess is, this will work against them in November, every bit as much as it did in 1968.

But the only political question that ought to matter to us is, are we willing to tolerate American cities being turned randomly into Beirut or Sarajevo or Mogadishu?

And the answer has to be no. Today and every other day.

More Thoughts on the Riots originally appeared as a Facebook post by Rod D. Martin.